MyCarParts™ FAQ

Isn’t MyCarParts™ just another auto parts web catalog?

Whom can I reach through MyCarParts™?

How much does is cost to publish my data to MyCarParts™?

What are ACES and PIES?

How can I “close the deal” with customers looking up my parts?

How secure is my data?

Q: Isn’t MyCarParts™ just another auto parts web catalog?

A: We don’t think so, and here’s why: In addition to helping you build a bridge between your company and the actual people who are buying and installing your parts, MyCarParts offers electronic validation features that will aid you in managing your data for all of the places it will go – regardless of the data management solution you currently use. Users of MyCarParts™ can report on incorrect fitment directly to the source, ensuring your ability to avoid costly returns by quickly repairing your application data.
Furthermore, all data within MyCarParts™ is validated each and every month, within 48 hours of the release of that data by the AAIA. MyCarParts™ is designed to be the most up-to-date catalog in the automotive aftermarket, allowing you to get to market with your data in a few hours instead of weeks or months.

Q: Whom can I reach through MyCarParts™?

A: MyCarParts™ is specifically designed to help you build brand awareness at the independent installer, jobber, and consumer levels. These valuable members of our industry make the majority of aftermarket part purchases, but are grossly underrepresented in terms of their collective voice. MyCarParts™ puts you directly in touch with the people using your site, and helps them to find your part in as few as three clicks. It is also an opportunity to create “demand pull” at the purchaser level, increasing sales through your current customer base.
Illumaware has reached out to over 60,000 independent installers throughout North America to drive traffic to MyCarParts.

Q: How much does is cost to publish my data to MyCarParts™?

A: Submission of ACES data to MyCarParts™ is free for all aftermarket brand owners, as is submission of PIES files, images, and product information spreadsheets. You can gain access to the powerful Brand Administration features for a small monthly fee.

Q: What are ACES and PIES?

A: ACES and PIES are auto part and vehicle application data standards set up by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA). For more details on these standards, see the AAIA’s Technology Standards Committee homepage here.
We encourage you to contact Illumaware ( to find out how you can join companies like Delphi, Ford Motor Co., eBay, and LKQ in managing your aftermarket data in Evokat™, Illumaware’s state-of-the-art online aftermarket data authoring and publication technology.

Q: How can I “close the deal” with customers looking up my parts?

A: The MyCarParts™ Where To Buy feature displays the closest shops where your products are available for purchase, along with a telephone number. All you have to do is supply a list of your customers to our staff and MyCarParts™ does the rest.

Q: How secure is my data?

A: MyCarParts™ is housed in a $21 million dollar, SAS-70 Type II certified facility in Raleigh, NC. Data is replicated live to another location in the continental US, and complete offsite backups are performed nightly in case of emergency. Alert Logic, an intrusion prevention and detection service; monitors site access patterns and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.
In an effort to prevent your data from being “scraped” by unscrupulous third parties, MyCarParts™ also has an automatic blacklisting feature that blocks offending requestors based on site access patterns.

AAIA ACES Version: 2019-11-22

Catalog Last Updated: 2020.01.11 09:38 AM